Forbes & Fashion, The Grand Canyon & Self Doubt

This week on Pop Fashion - how does self doubt hurt our creative endeavors? Lisa and Kaarin give personal examples of self doubt and discuss how to work through those feelings. In hot topics the Grand Canyon might get a shopping mall, Lisa is frustrated with a Forbes article on fashion and politics, fake donation bins are popping up in New York City, and a teen's body positive message goes viral. Come hang out with us! 

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Kickstarter, West Coast Truckers & Why We Apologize

I'm sorry. Are you sorry? We all are always sorry, right? Well, why? This week on Pop Fashion Lisa and Kaarin discuss why women feel the need to apologize ALL of the time. In hot topics - American Apparel makes a serious social media blunder, Kickstarter is all about potato salad, a trucker strike might derail the retail industry, and two innovative designers find a way to recycle clothes in high style. Come hang out with us this week! 

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Fashion Pricing, Sizeable Models & Getting Uncomfortable

How can being uncomfortable help us grow? This week on Pop Fashion Lisa and Kaarin talk about getting out of your business comfort zone. In hot topics - racism and hipster fashion collide in Europe, Olivia Palermo wears shorts to her wedding, Sizeable shows styles on a variety of models, and Lisa explains the science behind apparel pricing structures. Come hang out with us!  

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American Apparel, Entrepreneur Barbie & Opinions of Your Success

What happens when your friends have a problem with your success? Lisa and Kaarin explore the murky waters of dealing with jealousy and accomplishments. In Hot Topics - Dov Charney gets kicked out of American Apparel, Barbie is now an entrepreneur, a 16-year-old starts a sneaker pawn shop, and Lisa questions the origins of a surprising tag found on a dress. Come hang out with us at Pop Fashion! 

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Fashion Slime Balls, Yoga Jeans & A Sense of Home

Does where you live influence your work? This week Lisa & Kaarin talk about the documentary Tiny and how the concept of home can help or hurt creative output. In hot topics - will yoga jeans be the next big fashion trend? Tim Gunn pushes for a plus size season of Project Runway, New Jersey pushes industries to source materials that are made in America, and New York Magazine pushes everyone's buttons with a controversial article about fashion photographer Terry Richardson. 

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Gucci Murder Revisited, Fashion Diets & Turning Dreaming into Doing

This week on Pop Fashion we ask an important question: if you murder the CEO of a fashion company can you apply for a job with them almost 20 years later? Consumer Reports finds the best nail polish on the market (and the answer is surprising), Pharrell gets in hot water over a headdress, Karl is on the lookout for a new model for Chanel and Fendi, and Lisa talks about the connection between food and fashion diets. Shonda Rhimes (of Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal fame) has some wise words for grads and entrepreneurs regarding dreaming versus doing. Come hang out with us! 

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Skinny Mannequins, Instagram Booties & Working for "Exposure"

It's another week here at Pop Fashion which means crazy pop culture topics! This week we are talking about modesty and clothing in other countries, thin mannequins, alpha sizing, Instagram, and a creative pop up shop. Also, when should freelancers do something, "for exposure?" Is it smart? What does exposure mean anyway? Come hang out with us! 

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Power & Fashion, Abercrombie's Big Change & Feeling Washed Up

Have you ever felt washed up? This week Lisa & Kaarin talk about business, feeling washed up, and strategies to get back on track! In hot topics - the connection between Forever 21 and car seats (there is one, for real), celebrities and marketing, and Armani Exchange decides to take on fast fashion. Also, Gap's hackers put out a press release, Abercrombie goes back to Retail 101, and Robin Givhan talks about the connection between power and clothes. 


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Etsy, Jill Abramson & F* the Haters

This week we are saying "f&*$ the haters" and then talking about how it applies to business. (We drop the f-bomb in this one quite a bit. We promise it all relates back to business!) In hot topics we discover that Nylon magazine was sold to the surprise of the staff,  Etsy is going wholesale, French boys wore skirts for a cause, a girl got kicked out of prom for her dress, and Jill Abramson got kicked out of her job at the New York Times because.....well, we don't know why. Lisa also manages to mention doughnuts, meatballs, and hot dogs a number of times while talking about fashion. 

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Social Media Mishaps, Geek Fashion & How to Ask For Business Help

This week on Pop Fashion: Pinterest rolls out ads, Black Milk writes their way into a social media blunder, Shape Magazine versus Brooke Not On a Diet, and Lisa sees red when it comes to Forever 21's new budget line. Also, can the future of the beauty industry be found in a printer? Lisa & Kaarin give awful / awesome personal examples of asking for help and recommend strategies on how to ask for business advice. 

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