Normcore, Excessive Snark & the Voices in My Head

This week in hot topics Lisa & Kaarin talk about the return of the classic JCrew swimsuit, Self Magazine's epic picture fail (otherwise known as tutugate), Anti-Normcore beauty, and why people are fainting in droves in Cambodia. The topic of the week is internal dialogue, so come hang out as we talk about the voices in our heads. We are totally normal, right?! Right?!!

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We're SO Busy It's All We Talk About

Why is everyone so busy? Is time working against us? This week on Pop Fashion Lisa & Kaarin talk about creativity, time, and if being busy is all just an illusion. Fashion hot topics include the 1st Birchbox store, shopping in sweatpants (seriously, Harvard did research on this), Joan Rivers as a mean girl, and the introduction of yummy men. 

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How do you define success? This week Kaarin and Lisa talk about the moving target of success and how it has evolved in their lives both personally and professionally. In hot topics the Kardashian / West Vogue cover is discussed (sorry, guys, it's what happened this week) as well as the psychology behind the addictive nature of Candy Crush. Kaarin explains the Google Glass / Oakley venture in terms of a John Hughes movie and Lisa explains why she can't wait for the glasses to cover her Left Eye. We hear the inspiring story of how one woman is solving homelessness one coat at a time, and are surprised by Urban Outfitter's admission of a business mistake. Finally, Pop Fashion gives out a (voluntary) homework assignment as we all continue to define success in our lives.

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I'm Not Bossy - I'm the Boss

This week Kaarin and Lisa talk about the #banbossy campaign and problems with getting rid of the word "bossy." They reveal their bossy icons and relay stories about leadership and their own bossypants status. Hot topics include discussions about Bill Cunningham, Ikea, and the ASAP54 app. Kaarin makes a case for selfies while Lisa divulges her lifelong Girl Scout status. 

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This week Kaarin and Lisa talk about a variety of hot topics including the disappearance of malls, if Lululemon will ever get out of hot water, Normcore, and the looting of the Chanel grocery store runway show. They also ponder big life questions namely what they would tell their 16-year-old selves and the current state of journalism. 

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Join Pop Fashion this week as we talk about how to get out of a creative rut and what happens when your creative energy feels zapped! Hot topics include the Oscars, SJP & Gwen Stefani, Target, Delia*s, and a PSA about shoveling. 

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