Welcome to another edition of Pop Fashion podcast! This week in hot topics - Gap is closing 175 stores, CVS is buying pharmacies in Target, and Elie Tahari is facing a $12 million sexual harassment lawsuit. Also, virtual reality fitting rooms are becoming an actuality (and people are starting to make Minority Report comparisons), but are we ready for that type of retail technology? Additionally, Michael Kors reached a settlement for (allegedly) pricing items incorrectly - which takes Kaarin and Lisa down a road of trash talking outlet shopping. Would you wear your mother’s wedding dress? How about a dress that has been handed down 127 years? Lisa brings a cool story to the podcast about a family that passed down a wedding gown for generations. Finally, did you know that the CIA had a hand in promoting the American Expressionism Art Movement as part of a larger propaganda ploy? Yeah, we didn’t know that either. 


Our main topic this week is about creative inertia. What happens when we feel creative block? How does it behave, and what are some ways that we can move forward? Come hang out! 


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