Taylor Swift’s Jumpsuit, Band of Ballers, Protecting Your Time

Welcome to the week of crazy social media mishaps with fashion brands! Nasty Gal accidentally admitted they were copycats after tweeting about Taylor Swift at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards, Under Armor managed to irritate the entire military (and Facebook) with a t-shirt, and Pacific Sunwear is pulling one of their offensive t-shirts, too. In other news, Coach is going through a round of layoffs in Canada and Ann Taylor just sold to a retail group for over $2 billion. The Cannes Film Festival made waves this year for their (alleged!) rules on footwear. Also, sapphires from Kashmir are currently being sold for astronomical prices. But, these gemstones have a fascinating history and political reasons for their heavy price tags.  


Our main topic is about time! This week we discuss the philosopher Seneca. Two thousand years ago he wrote about time management, being busy as an addiction, and saying no to people who steal your time. Surprise! All of our time problems aren’t new. Come hang as we look to history to give us insight(s) to our hectic schedules. 


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