The micro-mini skirt is back in style, and secondhand sneaker sales may be waning. Your organic cotton could be fake, and Louis Vuitton workers went on strike around the same time the company announced it was raising prices. Plus, Kaarin has a fashion crime like nothing else we've ever covered on the show. Come hang out! 

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Versace has plans to open a bunch of stores, and we discuss the brand's latest menswear show. Did the pandemic kill the end-of-season sale? We've got a fashion crime involving gift card fraud, the American Dream mall is struggling, and Uniqlo opened a repair shop. Come hang out! 

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Chanel brought a horse to its latest runway show, Fashion Nova is getting fined for hiding bad customer reviews, and MSHCF is actively trying to get cease-and-desist letters from major brands. Brooches are back in style, Coach has a new apprenticeship program, and we remember Manfred Thierry Mugler. Come hang out!

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