Power & Fashion, Abercrombie's Big Change & Feeling Washed Up

Have you ever felt washed up? This week Lisa & Kaarin talk about business, feeling washed up, and strategies to get back on track! In hot topics - the connection between Forever 21 and car seats (there is one, for real), celebrities and marketing, and Armani Exchange decides to take on fast fashion. Also, Gap's hackers put out a press release, Abercrombie goes back to Retail 101, and Robin Givhan talks about the connection between power and clothes. 


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Etsy, Jill Abramson & F* the Haters

This week we are saying "f&*$ the haters" and then talking about how it applies to business. (We drop the f-bomb in this one quite a bit. We promise it all relates back to business!) In hot topics we discover that Nylon magazine was sold to the surprise of the staff,  Etsy is going wholesale, French boys wore skirts for a cause, a girl got kicked out of prom for her dress, and Jill Abramson got kicked out of her job at the New York Times because.....well, we don't know why. Lisa also manages to mention doughnuts, meatballs, and hot dogs a number of times while talking about fashion. 

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Social Media Mishaps, Geek Fashion & How to Ask For Business Help

This week on Pop Fashion: Pinterest rolls out ads, Black Milk writes their way into a social media blunder, Shape Magazine versus Brooke Not On a Diet, and Lisa sees red when it comes to Forever 21's new budget line. Also, can the future of the beauty industry be found in a printer? Lisa & Kaarin give awful / awesome personal examples of asking for help and recommend strategies on how to ask for business advice. 

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Jail Time, Saks Bags & How to Get Your Dream Job

How do you land your dream job? This week Lisa and Kaarin respond to a letter by Mike Rowe (of Dirty Jobs fame). In hot topics - Dolce & Gabbbana are goint to jail, New York City takes some huge strides on the fashion technology front, a letter from a prisoner in China is found in a Saks shopping bag, Self Magazine slashes jobs, and JCrew launches a budget fashion line. 

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Is presence the secret to success? Marie Claire's editor, Anne Fulenwider, thinks so! This week Lisa & Kaarin talk about the difficulty of staying in the moment. In hot topics - what's going on in China (seriously, what's going on over there?), Alibaba vs Amazon, remembering the Bangladesh factory collapse, millennial shopping habits, ugly shoes, and the problem with plastic surgery and passports.  

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