New York Fashion Week happened, but was anyone paying attention? We have answers about what Bottega Veneta is doing (or not doing) on social media, and what's going to happen between Adidas and Reebok. Plus, Century 21 is planning a comeback, Gucci is having a small struggle, and Rebecca Minkoff is on OnlyFans? Come hang out! 

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Rihanna's Fenty collection has been put on hold, buy now pay later (BNPL) is coming for us all, and companies with adaptive clothing are running into ad problems on Facebook. Plus, we figure out what the heck a "pully top" is, and dissect a big 'ol fashion crime involving Nike, pop-up shops, and a guy named Frank. Come hang out! 

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LuLaRoe is paying $4.75 million to settle a pyramid scheme lawsuit, and the guy who robbed Kim Kardashian wrote a book. Nike has a new adaptive sneaker, Donna Karan got COVID, and Ulta has a new diversity initiative. Plus, what will Uncle Jeff Bezos do next? Come hang out! 

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Fendi's latest collection has a literary connection, men are wearing suits to work from home, and Gorpcore is here to take normcore up a notch. L'Occitane filed for Chapter 11, Belk is getting ready to file for bankruptcy, and we discuss a small Twitter battle between two retailers. Come hang out! 

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