Death to Fashion Blogging, Mindy Kaling's Body & the Confidence Gap

It's time for another round of fashion and pop culture topics! This week Lisa asks if fashion blogging is dead, Kaarin is worried about microchips in clothing, Dior refuses to sell online, and Mindy Kaling rocks the house on Jimmy Kimmel. The ladies also think about the hubbub surrounding The Atlantic's Confidence Gap article. Is confidence really holding us back? 

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Coachella, Vogue Italia & Protecting Your Creative Work

Join us this week as the ladies talk about a lot of crazy / difficult / hard pop culture topics. (Lisa uses the word "flummoxed" 4 separate times.) Yahoo sets a lineup of awesome fashion & beauty editors, people are getting mugged for wearing Google Glass, Coachella fashion is now a season, and Vogue Italia loses its damn mind. Lisa and Kaarin also share personal stories of idea theft and discuss how the artistic community can protect its creative work. 

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Normcore, Excessive Snark & the Voices in My Head

This week in hot topics Lisa & Kaarin talk about the return of the classic JCrew swimsuit, Self Magazine's epic picture fail (otherwise known as tutugate), Anti-Normcore beauty, and why people are fainting in droves in Cambodia. The topic of the week is internal dialogue, so come hang out as we talk about the voices in our heads. We are totally normal, right?! Right?!!

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We're SO Busy It's All We Talk About

Why is everyone so busy? Is time working against us? This week on Pop Fashion Lisa & Kaarin talk about creativity, time, and if being busy is all just an illusion. Fashion hot topics include the 1st Birchbox store, shopping in sweatpants (seriously, Harvard did research on this), Joan Rivers as a mean girl, and the introduction of yummy men. 

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