Beyonce's latest Ivy Park collection has arrived, hallelujah. Ebay will offer sneaker authentication, True Religion is out of bankruptcy, and Ferragamo might be looking for a new partial owner. And we bet you can't guess how many Amazon reviews are suspected fakes. Come hang out! 

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LuLaRoe owes some people some money, Ascena is selling tween store Justice, and Macy's is turning stores into fulfillment centers. You can get makeup delivered in two hours! Betsey Johnson is doing a collab we love! And there's a new collection we hate with a fiery passion. Come hang out!

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We've got a shoplifting case for the record books, Chanel is fighting against global warming in a creative way, and we find out what went wrong at Nanette Lepore. There's a new collaboration we love (hint: Telfar's involved) and one we hate. And we remember Kenzo Takada. Come hang out! 

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Cardi B has a few new trademark applications, Charming Charlie is back, and California is banning a whole bunch of cosmetics ingredients. Altuzarra is teaming up with Amazon, retailers love collecting your email addresses, and everybody's gotta stop being dumb dumbs when it's Halloween costume time, okay? Come hang out!

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Jenna Lyons has resurfaced, Ralph Lauren is laying off a ton of workers, and a bunch of Amazon scammers got busted by the Department of Justice. Lowe's was the big winner at New York Fashion Week, and Marc Jacobs is trying to buy up all the words in the dictionary. And there's a secondhand department store inside a department store. Come hang out! 

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