Revenge shopping may drive post-pandemic consumerism. Garment workers in Myanmar are protesting the new military regime, and in Egypt, at least 20 workers died due to a factory fire. Vikings had bling, the Ikea catalog is now a podcast, and Loft cut its size range. Come hang out!

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Kanye's presidential campaign is in hot water, and West Coast Joe has new allegations against his would-be sneaker empire. What comes after skinny jeans? Christian Louboutin sold part of his company and a famous tattoo artist's former cosmetics company is going through a re-brand. Yes, you read that right. Come hang out! 

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We are celebrating our 7th anniversary with a surprise! In fashion news, a lot of Conde Nast employee perks are going away, somebody's trying to evict Andre Leon Talley, and we have yet another alleged fashion crime involving Nike. Jil Sander is getting acquired and dollar stores are still thriving. Come hang out! 

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Vera Wang is making vodka, Jay-Z is selling off half his champagne fortune, and this week's fashion crime makes us want to pour one out (for ourselves). Estee Lauder is taking a majority stake in Deciem while also closing down Becca Cosmetics. Handbags are back, there's a new option for leather restoration, and have we found the fastest bankruptcy in retail history? Come hang out! 

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