Forever 21's CEO is out, Jessica Simpson may get back her brand, and L.L. Bean had a vintage sale. Eileen Fisher is stepping back, Chloe got B-Corp certified, and Jay-Z is dealing with some fragrance drama. 


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Coach will stop destroying merchandise because of social media, Ralph Lauren is making its cotton dyeing methods open source, and the CEO of ASOS has departed. Is Fendi partnering with Skims? Plus, why Harry Styles fans are getting so dressed up. Come hang out!

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Balenciaga has a Simpsons episode, Lady Gaga's concert got streamed at the mall, and Valentino is revamping its company culture. Garment worker labor laws are changing in California. And a whole lot of designer bags are missing. Come hang out!

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Macy's is in a battle over a billboard, drug stores are trying to stop theft rings, and Neiman Marcus had a data breach. We celebrate some unlikely fashion collaborations (Versace / Fendi and Valentino / Cloney). And Kering is quitting fur. Come hang out!

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A 50-year-old lipstick is sold out because of TikTok, and brands are sending influencers digital clothing samples. A big embezzlement fashion crime gets an update, and we discuss the relevance of the hemline index. And why is LVMH hiring so many young people? Come hang out! 

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