Anna Wintour got a promotion. Kering is being investigated for tax evasion, and we may have found the worst (alleged) snake of them all. Plus, Thomas Pink shut down. Hugo Boss has a new collaboration in the works, and you'll never guess who might want to buy Reebok. Come hang out! 

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Chloe has a new creative director, Elie Saab is joining Amazon Luxury, and the Gucci murder is getting a movie. Pantone's colors for 2021 are here. And are headbands the new statement accessory? Come hang out!

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British department stores are falling apart, Sephora is moving into Kohl's, and Ascena sold Ann Taylor on Thanksgiving. H&M got in trouble for surveilling employees in Germany, and we've got good news about Louis Vuitton paying indigenous artisans. Come hang out! 

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Alber Elbaz is planning a new collection, H&M thinks it can scale its textile recycling operations, and Bebe is...buying a furniture store? Plus, we discuss retail worker pay during the pandemic, Brideside's abrupt closure, and lagging luxury sales. Come hang out! 

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