Chanel's new CEO is an unconventional pick, London Fashion Week is canceled, and a Russian beauty mogul is in a mess. Inclusive sizing for men's clothing is lagging behind womenswear, and dreamcore is here to confuse and delight us. Come hang out! 

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People are mad at Chanel for its Advent calendar, Pantone released its color of the year, and the racial pay gap for influencers is huge. Men are wearing leggings beyond the gym, and a mountain climber gets to keep what he found. Plus: Can Conde Nast survive? Come hang out!

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We remember Virgil Abloh, Lululemon and Peloton are arguing about yoga pants, Pacsun auctioned an NFT, and Sean Combs (Diddy!) might buy back his label. Plus, Rihanna has a new title. Come hang out!

Direct download: The_Live_Laugh_Love_of_Fashion.mp3
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The Kim Kardashian robbery trial has begun. We have style updates from both North Korea and South Korea. Gap Inc. is a mess, Oscar de la Renta has a new resale site, and some luxury puffer jackets are ridiculously expensive. Come hang out! 

Direct download: Every_Fashion_Label_is_Now_Doing_Resale.mp3
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Bottega Veneta already named a new designer, Shein factory workers are allegedly putting in 75-hour weeks, and Banana Republic's new creative director is already gone. Plus, we've got two fashion crimes for you. Come hang out! 

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The RealReal will settle two lawsuits, Jay-Z's fragrance case got thrown out, and we're so confused by Bottega Veneta firing Daniel Lee. There's a mountain of clothing in the Chilean desert, and you should probably wash your fast fashion before you wear it. Come hang out! 

Direct download: Fashions_Frankenstein_Poison.mp3
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Gucci's latest runway show was ultra fresh, customs confiscated 21 suitcases full of counterfeit goods, and there's a new Von Dutch documentary. Animal Crossing has new apparel tie-ins, Ugg has a new restoration program, and you can rent the Jean Paul Gaultier archives. Come hang out!

Direct download: Guccis_Love_Parade.mp3
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Yeezy is being sued for not delivering merchandise on time, nothing's going on sale this year, and a pair of Michael Jordan's sneakers broke an auction record. Plus: Why are movie villains the most fashionable? Come hang out! 


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Forever 21's CEO is out, Jessica Simpson may get back her brand, and L.L. Bean had a vintage sale. Eileen Fisher is stepping back, Chloe got B-Corp certified, and Jay-Z is dealing with some fragrance drama. 


Direct download: Cupcake_Acquisitions_.mp3
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Coach will stop destroying merchandise because of social media, Ralph Lauren is making its cotton dyeing methods open source, and the CEO of ASOS has departed. Is Fendi partnering with Skims? Plus, why Harry Styles fans are getting so dressed up. Come hang out!

Direct download: Fancy_Dress_Parties.mp3
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Balenciaga has a Simpsons episode, Lady Gaga's concert got streamed at the mall, and Valentino is revamping its company culture. Garment worker labor laws are changing in California. And a whole lot of designer bags are missing. Come hang out!

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Macy's is in a battle over a billboard, drug stores are trying to stop theft rings, and Neiman Marcus had a data breach. We celebrate some unlikely fashion collaborations (Versace / Fendi and Valentino / Cloney). And Kering is quitting fur. Come hang out!

Direct download: Fendace__Fashion_Fan_Fiction.mp3
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A 50-year-old lipstick is sold out because of TikTok, and brands are sending influencers digital clothing samples. A big embezzlement fashion crime gets an update, and we discuss the relevance of the hemline index. And why is LVMH hiring so many young people? Come hang out! 

Direct download: Fashions_Hemline_Index.mp3
Category:fashion -- posted at: 8:00am EDT

We're still talking about the Met Gala, Telfar is launching a TV channel, and Karl Lagerfeld's estate is being auctioned. You have a new option for getting your Manolos repaired, Kenzo named a new artistic director, and Marie Claire is ending its print run. Come hang out! 

Direct download: No_One_Here_is_Going_to_the_Same_Party.mp3
Category:fashion -- posted at: 6:38am EDT

Christian Siriano is going to design denim, Banana Republic is "refreshing" its brand, and a Paris Bulgari store got robbed. In celebrity news, we've got new partnerships for Frank Ocean and Snoop Dogg, and a new beauty venture for Jennifer Aniston. Come hang out! 

Direct download: Scoot_Scoot_Take_the_Loot.mp3
Category:fashion -- posted at: 9:12am EDT

Chanel is buying lavender fields, Sequential Brands filed Chapter 11, and Affirm is partnering with Amazon. Stitch Fix apologized to stylists, hats are having a moment, and Kanye is up to something with Balenciaga. Come hang out! 

Direct download: 2_The_Oprah_of_Louboutins.mp3
Category:fashion -- posted at: 8:00am EDT

Urban Outfitters is launching a resale platform, Iris Apfel is turning 100, and ear piercings might be the new mid-life crisis. Kylie's got a new swimwear line, and Nordstrom is picking up yet another brand to feature. Valentino stores got robbed and fashion designers are very superstitious. Come hang out! 

Direct download: Fashion_Superstitions.mp3
Category:fashion -- posted at: 8:15am EDT

Kaarin's baking a cake for a basketball legend, Old Navy is expanding its sizing options, and Lisa finally talks about the blinding modern-day success of Crocs. New Balance is suing Michael Kors, and an aspiring fashion designer has gotten himself into a bit of a pickle. Come hang out! 

Direct download: The_Cake_to_Our_Cake.mp3
Category:fashion -- posted at: 2:16pm EDT

Moschino got bought out, Conde Nast finally paid its rent, and the adaptive clothing market is growing fast. Frank Ocean has a new fashion line, collaboration fatigue is real, and inflation is coming for your wardrobe. Come hang out!

Direct download: Is_it_Fashion_or_Is_It_Halloween_.mp3
Category:fashion -- posted at: 8:00am EDT

Tiffany's newest campaign is ruffling some feathers and Stitch Fix is shaking up stylist scheduling. We've got a gigantic fashion crime for you, and an update on an old case. Plus: Oscar de la Renta is ditching fur, and Rihanna has released the first fragrance from Fenty. Come hang out! 

Direct download: Be_Fooled_by_These_Rocks.mp3
Category:fashion -- posted at: 8:00am EDT

Nordstrom has a new retail partner, Phoebe Philo has surfaced, and New York Fashion Week has a new home this fall. Trying to extort Nike will get you at least 2 years in prison, and there's family drama at Alex Mill. Come hang out! 

Direct download: Phoebe_Philo_Returns_to_Fashion.mp3
Category:fashion -- posted at: 8:00am EDT

Skims is going to the Olympics, Chanel is raising prices, and Bergdorf Goodman might have interested buyers. Major apparel brands are under fire for allegedly using forced labor in China, and renting clothing isn't as good for the environment as we hoped. Come hang out! 

Direct download: The_Luxury_Fashion_Trombone_.mp3
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Marc Jacobs is back, Halston's Netflix collab is flying off the shelves, and LVMH took over Pucci. Retail workers are over it, and a watch detective is here to solve all of your high-end timepiece crimes. Come hang out! 

Direct download: Take_a_Meloni.mp3
Category:fashion -- posted at: 8:54am EDT

Victoria's Secret is retiring its famous Angels, garment workers are having a hard time getting vaccinated for COVID-19, and all our clothing is still full of virgin plastic. Are wedge sneakers back? Were they ever gone? There's a Happy Gilmore anniversary collection, and brands are suing fast fashion retailer Shein. Come hang out! 

Direct download: The_Price_is_Wrong.mp3
Category:fashion -- posted at: 8:00am EDT

Alex & Ani filed for bankruptcy, Forever 21 will be sold at Hudson's Bay, and you might be able to earn money recommending products on social media. Torrid is considering an IPO, and Conde Nast employees protested outside of Anna Wintour's house. Come hang out! 

Direct download: The_One_Where_They_Have_A_Pivot_Bracelet.mp3
Category:fashion -- posted at: 8:00am EDT

We found a place where you can pull off your own mannequin heist. JLo's ex is launching a men's cosmetic product, lipstick is making its post-pandemic comeback, and Authentic Brands Group might go public. Plus, we have an update on Johnson & Johnson baby powder. Come hang out! 

Direct download: The_JLo_Fashion_Filter.mp3
Category:fashion -- posted at: 8:00am EDT

Gap plus Walmart equals so many questions. Rent the Runway has a new board member (hint: it's Gwyneth), Dior is going to Greece, and North Korea banned skinny jeans. H&M workers protested layoffs in Spain, and ocean diamonds are the hottest new jewel. Come hang out! 

Direct download: Fashion_News_Slot_Machine.mp3
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Fashion magazine mastheads are getting reorganized, J. Crew's got a new men's designer, and Missoni's creative director is stepping down. Boohoo is tying transparency goals to C-suite bonuses, and shapewear is apparently back. Come hang out! 

Direct download: J._Crews_Disruption_.mp3
Category:fashion -- posted at: 8:00am EDT

L Brands is spinning off Victoria's Secret, Ralph Lauren is selling Club Monaco, and Pyer Moss is headed to the haute couture runway in Paris. Unilever and Hourglass are about to change the world with the color red, New York Fashion Week has a new hype group, and H&M is getting into printable blanks. Come hang out! 

Direct download: Whats_Next_for_Runway_Shows_.mp3
Category:fashion -- posted at: 8:00am EDT

We've got a crime ring to kick things off this week. ModCloth has a new owner (again), Valentino and Zara are both launching beauty, and brown is truly having a fashion moment again. Are fashion magazine internships a thing of the past? Plus: We announce our 7th anniversary microgrant recipients! Come hang out!

Direct download: Are_Fashion_Magazine_Internships_Dead.mp3
Category:fashion -- posted at: 9:07am EDT

We spend some time talking trademarks in two disputes where brands you know try to get control of some really random stuff, honestly. Kenzo's top designer has left the fashion house and LVMH has launched a sales platform for deadstock fabric. And we remember designer Alber Elbaz. Come hang out! 

Direct download: Who_Owns_the_Sun_.mp3
Category:fashion -- posted at: 10:14am EDT

We review the Gucci / Balenciaga mashup runway show and fill you in on the Valentino factory fire. Nike and Lululemon are launching refurbishing programs, and Canada Goose is keeping up with its sustainability plan. Plus, there's a Halston miniseries coming to Netflix. Come hang out! 

Direct download: Is_it_Hacking_or_is_it_Hacky_.mp3
Category:fashion -- posted at: 8:49am EDT

The Met Gala has been rescheduled, White Castle collaborated with Telfar, and Cardi B has a new collection with Reebok. Nina Ricci is closing its flagship and we have a fashion crime from the shoe industry. Come hang out! 

Direct download: Fast_Food_Fashion.mp3
Category:fashion -- posted at: 10:22am EDT

Hermes has an unusual new home, Brooks Brothers abandoned a bunch of mannequins and Christmas trees, and Nike didn't pay taxes. Meanwhile, Gap is going to prioritize orders by customer loyalty and face masks are going high fashion. Come hang out! 

Direct download: Its_All_Art.mp3
Category:fashion -- posted at: 8:00am EDT

Guess discontinued a Telfar lookalike bag, Fashion Nova is compensating customers for shipping delays, and Fifth Avenue is a hot real estate mess. Bottega Veneta launched a digital magazine, and manufacturers are patenting their leather alternatives. Come hang out! 

Direct download: There_Hasnt_Been_a_Valentino_Around_Here_for_Years.mp3
Category:fashion -- posted at: 8:00am EDT

Art Peck is trying to start a fashion SPAC, brands aren't hitting the sustainability mark just yet, and cotton from China is back in the news. Meanwhile, Brandon Maxwell is lending his design eye to Walmart, and fairycore is the next new fashion trend. Come hang out! 

Direct download: The_Pull_it_Together_Present.mp3
Category:fashion -- posted at: 8:00am EDT

Revenge shopping may drive post-pandemic consumerism. Garment workers in Myanmar are protesting the new military regime, and in Egypt, at least 20 workers died due to a factory fire. Vikings had bling, the Ikea catalog is now a podcast, and Loft cut its size range. Come hang out!

Direct download: Revenge_is_a_Complete_Sentence.mp3
Category:fashion -- posted at: 9:28am EDT

Kanye's presidential campaign is in hot water, and West Coast Joe has new allegations against his would-be sneaker empire. What comes after skinny jeans? Christian Louboutin sold part of his company and a famous tattoo artist's former cosmetics company is going through a re-brand. Yes, you read that right. Come hang out! 

Direct download: Two_Snakes.mp3
Category:fashion -- posted at: 10:55pm EDT

We are celebrating our 7th anniversary with a surprise! In fashion news, a lot of Conde Nast employee perks are going away, somebody's trying to evict Andre Leon Talley, and we have yet another alleged fashion crime involving Nike. Jil Sander is getting acquired and dollar stores are still thriving. Come hang out! 

Direct download: The_Fashion_Crime_Birthday_Show.mp3
Category:fashion -- posted at: 10:48pm EDT

Vera Wang is making vodka, Jay-Z is selling off half his champagne fortune, and this week's fashion crime makes us want to pour one out (for ourselves). Estee Lauder is taking a majority stake in Deciem while also closing down Becca Cosmetics. Handbags are back, there's a new option for leather restoration, and have we found the fastest bankruptcy in retail history? Come hang out! 

Direct download: Build_a_Bear_Birkin.mp3
Category:fashion -- posted at: 9:42am EDT

New York Fashion Week happened, but was anyone paying attention? We have answers about what Bottega Veneta is doing (or not doing) on social media, and what's going to happen between Adidas and Reebok. Plus, Century 21 is planning a comeback, Gucci is having a small struggle, and Rebecca Minkoff is on OnlyFans? Come hang out! 

Direct download: Welcome_to_the_Show_.mp3
Category:fashion -- posted at: 9:02am EDT

Rihanna's Fenty collection has been put on hold, buy now pay later (BNPL) is coming for us all, and companies with adaptive clothing are running into ad problems on Facebook. Plus, we figure out what the heck a "pully top" is, and dissect a big 'ol fashion crime involving Nike, pop-up shops, and a guy named Frank. Come hang out! 

Direct download: Fashion_Crime_Alias.mp3
Category:fashion -- posted at: 9:59pm EDT

LuLaRoe is paying $4.75 million to settle a pyramid scheme lawsuit, and the guy who robbed Kim Kardashian wrote a book. Nike has a new adaptive sneaker, Donna Karan got COVID, and Ulta has a new diversity initiative. Plus, what will Uncle Jeff Bezos do next? Come hang out! 

Direct download: Diamonds_in_the_Streets.mp3
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Fendi's latest collection has a literary connection, men are wearing suits to work from home, and Gorpcore is here to take normcore up a notch. L'Occitane filed for Chapter 11, Belk is getting ready to file for bankruptcy, and we discuss a small Twitter battle between two retailers. Come hang out! 

Direct download: Good_Ol_Raisins_and_Peanuts_Fashion.mp3
Category:fashion -- posted at: 2:18pm EDT

Christian Siriano launched an interior design firm, Sotheby's is going to sell sneakers, and Christopher & Banks is shutting down. L'Oreal won't use animal fur in its cosmetic brushes and there are more Ferragamo sale rumors. Plus, we've got a fashion crime and some whistleblower news. Come hang out! 

Direct download: The_Woodland_Creature_Hair_Salon.m4a
Category:fashion -- posted at: 6:40pm EDT

American Apparel cut back its American-made option, Barney's is moving into Saks, and Sephora is implementing anti-racism measures. The Row is selling its research archive, and Kering is helping restore a 600-year-old Italian site. Come hang out! 

Direct download: Thank_You_But_What_.m4a
Category:fashion -- posted at: 4:47pm EDT

Alexander Wang has responded to allegations, JC Penney ousted its CEO, and Bottega Veneta's social media accounts are missing. Meanwhile, a major fashion editor is partnering with Ugg, a makeup artist was named a Dame, and we've got a new fashion crime (movie) to watch. Come hang out! 

Direct download: Uggs_at_the_Drive_Thru.m4a
Category:fashion -- posted at: 7:27pm EDT

Mytheresa is going public, Alexander Wang is facing allegations, and the Ikea catalog has been discontinued. We remember Pierre Cardin and Nancye Radmin. Plus, statement coats are having a moment (again). Come hang out! 

Direct download: Mental_Fortitude.m4a
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You have questions. We have answers. It's our sort-of-annual Question & Answer show! We talk pantsdemic trends, IPOs, middle-school must-haves, and more. Come hang out! 

Direct download: The_Question_Answer_Show.m4a
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